Review of Disney Springs

She’s back! I’ve missed Laurie’s reviews…..

Disney Springs Dining reviews

One of my first reviews was of Portobello. With no notice they closed. They are the last remaining business on Pleasure Island except Fulton which was remodeled. For decades people flocked to Portobello for authentic Italian cuisine.

I had to try a gluten free cupcake and cookie at Sprinkles. The wait was well worth it. They are tucked in a corner next to the bridge that goes from Lime Garage to Morimoto and up the hill to Paradiso 37. They only have one flavor for me but I love red velvet cake so I was happy. Lots of dairy and sugar made for a delicious snack. I prefer Erin McKenna for a variety of gluten and vegan cupcakes, donuts, and cookies. I would choose Sprinkles because of the use of decadent ingredients like butter. I suggest getting a boxful and heading to one of the performance areas to hear awesome musicians play.

Erin McKenna has a sign stating their coconut oil based frosting melts at 75° which makes it hard to take one back to your room. The donuts lasted most of my trip until I spilled iced tea on the box. They have bagels, soy based ice cream, yummy donuts, loaf cakes, cinnamon rolls, and cupcakes. I will be back as the donuts are delicious. I only have two in the freezer left. This is an excellent spot to get a snack to enjoy during concerts by the water.

I skipped Poutine fries kiosk. They use the same fries as most WDW owned restaurants. They may have soybean oil. Save money and hit a topping bar to top your fries. Ganachery is another Disney owned and puffed up shop. This is not the fancy bean to bar chocolate that uses no soy and few ingredients. They mass produce on enrobers to the point that the reused chocolate is warm for a long time. They don’t make most of the chocolate.  Last spot that I won’t recommend is Earl of Sandwich because Subway, Quiznos and most sandwich shops cross contaminate. The hand touches bread then the ingredients. They don’t care if the tomato touched meat or bread. I have been there with friends and the sandwiches seem to be smaller. There are burgers, salads, and ribs waiting for you.

Polite Pig is located next to the Lime Garage exit in Town Center. This is very disabled friendly with bright red-trimmed white walls. The main feature is the bourbon bar with at least fifty bourbons in stock. This is a drinking man’s bar that serves pitchers of gin and tonic, beer, and old fashions. It is hard to choose as the menu is so awesome. There is a vegan salad that looked good. Appetizers include wedge salad (chicken and salmon optional on all salads), peel and eat shrimp, cracklins (pig skins), hop salt pretzel, and wings. They offer fried chicken, pulled pork, salmon BLT, and brisket sandwiches.

I tried the St. Louis ribs with corn. I want to try the brisket, salmon, chicken, and pork shoulder next. All entrees come with Texas Toast, choice of side, and slaw. I had the smoked lime butter corn on the cob without crumbs. The tender ribs were well seasoned and better than House of Blues. I loved the fresh corn. I could have had baked beans, broccoli, cauliflower, potato salad, watermelon salad, or Brussels sprouts. They give you a tracking device and you head to your seat. After that you get waited on. There is a self serve fountain machine, and a condiment bar with 7 barbecue sauces. I WILL BE BACK. Highly recommended to drinkers of hardy drinks like ale, whiskey, rye, and bourbon. The staff walked me through the menu and overall made me want to come back. I have eaten lots of ribs in my life so I can say these are very good. I like that they have vegetables to round out a meal. They try to meet dietary needs.
Raglan Road has a great band and great service. It gets a little rowdy after 9 PM. The place is too dark to read the menu. I had delicious gluten free onion rings and many iced tea refills.  I love this place and most of the food. I will be sharing with Tabitha pictures and videos. I will continue to recommend them except to noise sensitive guests. The waitress was spot on perfect.


I love the Coca Cola store. It can be hard for wheeled guests to get around. It can get packed right and a bit noisy. So wait for the elevator to the rooftop. For 50¢ more you get 5 refills on your soda pop fountain drink (1 hour time limit). They have 100+ choices on their Freestyle machine. Adults can choose a variety of alcoholic drinks. Beverly’s revenge has gin, blood orange liqueur, and Beverly (Alka Seltzer soda pop). The best option is the International, float, and combo trays that offer a wide variety of flavors. The view can be breathtaking and this is a good spot to crash in between meals. They also offer Monster, Zico, Mexican Coke with real sugar, floats, icees and smoothies. I am up to a Beverly float. This is one of the landmarks at DTD and located near buses, great food, and street performers.