Frontera Cocina – Best Restaurant in Disney Springs

Laurie went to visit Frontera Cocina a few times.  Her review makes me want to get over there and try this out.  Have you been?  What are your thoughts?  What makes this the best restaurant in Disney Springs?  Find out.

I am not concerned about prices and bang for the buck, I prefer comfort and good food. This restaurant is well lit so you can see the food, menu, bill, and loved ones face. They have booths and armless seats with moveable tables for us who have a hard time standing up. There is no carpet, so I am very happy. I love the decor and artifacts on the walls. Most of the place has ample space so that one doesn’t have to hear about the lives of others.

The menu has changed so my report is a tad bit late. I went for the iced tea with hints of mango. The shocking part of the restaurant is their bar menu and the main dinner menu. Instead of mixes from cans they use fresh ingredients like agave nectar and lime juice. Their Latin bar menu features tequila, sotol, mescal, and Mexican beer. They feature margaritas such as the Watermelon Pink Flamingo with tequila, watermelon juice, lime, and orange liqueur.

The kitchen uses free range cattle and all meat comes from farms that they will tell you about. No agar, preservatives, artificial stuff, and soy oil is used. The only items with gluten are flour tortillas, desserts, and an onion topping. The menu mentions seeds and allergens. Their recipes make it easy to substitute or hold an item. This is why I love Rick Bayless and this restaurant.

This report is from several visits. I started off with guacamole and chips which are meant for sharing but I wasn’t sharing because it was so good. They offer atomic, bacon, and verde styles. Another time it was a fresh shrimp cocktail with jicama (mild crunchy root), mango, avocado, and cilantro. It is a symphony of flavors from sweet to spicy and textures of crunchy jicama, soft avocado, and succulent shrimp. Someday I will try the Caesar salad or the cheese fondue.

I had to have the carnitas, beans, and rice with pickled onions. Tender juicy pork with herbs and garlic that rivals the Los Angeles carnitas I grew up eating. I grabbed a corn tortilla and piled it high with rice, salsa, beans, and pork for the ultimate taco. Another time I tried the delicious carne asada with beans, rice, and plantains. Calabacitas is another delicious side dish. I was a kid again at home eating steak tacos that I made myself. They offer a mushroom torts, shrimp, chicken, and enchiladas. They do offer mashed potatoes besides rice and beans. Chihuahua cheese was first made by Menonites who came from Germany to the USA then to Latin America.

The grand finale was boxes because I ate too much. I had a vanilla ice cream sundae topped with in house made cajeta (caramel), fried plantains, and pecans. The plantains had the feel of apples baked in a pie. The rich caramel sauce had strong notes of dairy. This is the best sundae I have had in years. Sheer decadence that needs to be shared because the sundae is huge. They offer tres leches and a pecan pie bar dessert that my friends love.

I went home full and happy. I had no food reactions beyond gluttony. I felt comfortable with the staff and believe they cared about me. I never needed more tea and the servers knew why their food was special. I feel safe in recommending Frontera Cocina to people with dietary limitations. It can seat large groups as well as a cozy table for two. I watched a little girl be treated like she mattered. They were patient with me as I slowly waddled to my seat.