Our trip was AMAZING!!! We had such a great time and I feel we got to do so much.
I will never go to Disney World without using you, ever again. Lol We had been before but this my first time with a travel agent. This experience, compared to others, was by far the easiest and most fun for everyone.  From fastpasses, Magical Express to magic bands to the dining plan, it was all so easy.
I have been recommending you to anyone who asks about our trip. We loved it!!!  We can’t thank you enough for all you did before and during our trip.

“I met Tabitha in the Summer of 2012. I was a beginner blogger, and she had just started building her business as an agent. We realized we had a lot in common – not just our love for Disney, but we enjoyed talking about church, kids & homeschooling. As a Disney blogger, I like to ‘try out’ different Disney Vacation Planners. After chatting with Tabitha for over 6 months, I decided to put her to the test and have her book one of my trips for me… and she passed with flying colors! Tabitha called me to collect the information she needed – dates, Disney resort, Dining Reservations and flight information for the Magical Express. (Getting those details set-up by an agent, and skipping this grunt work yourself, is a great reason to use an agent!) I thought we were all set, but 2 minutes after hanging up with Tabitha, she called right back. “You eat gluten-free and your son has an allergy too, right?” she asked. I had completely forgotten to mention that for our Dining Reservations, but Tabitha had remembered our food restrictions from a previous conversation. How attentive of her to remember that!! Our trip went off without a hitch – and I’m not just saying that… I’ve dealt with not-so-attentive travel agents before… one who even forgot to make our Magical Express return-trip reservation that left us scrambling at 4:30 a.m! Tabitha’s detailed planning left us feeling calm and confident. So, if you’re looking for a detail-oriented vacation planner, Tabitha’s the one for you! And you never know… you just might gain a new friend too – I know I did.”
~Terri Miller
WDW Hints


Because of conflicts in school and work schedules, our family decided to go to Disney with less than a month’s notice of preparation.  I tried to find air tickets on my own only to discover there was nothing available on any airline at any price to fit our need. In desperation (and little expectation) I called Tabitha to see if she might offer any suggestions.  I hoped she could tell me what I could do, but instead she said she would take care of it all for me…and do it without charge…and she did!  Not only was she able to get us air so that we could arrive early enough at the park to be on our first ride by 10AM, she arranged all fast passes, linked all our accounts, scheduled dining and auto reservation and much, much more. Her expertise was not limited to only Disney, as she was also able to coordinate 2 days for us at Universal. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by her professionalism, attention to detail, insight and the sheer quantity of work she put into making our time together stress free and memorable.  There is no way I could have come close to putting such a trip together on my own, even if I had had the time to do it. I give her my highest recommendation and suggest not using her to plan your vacation would be a huge mistake.  Thank you, Tabitha, for all you did for us.  We all appreciate you more than I can express.

Dr. K.


Tabitha booked our airfare, hotel, fast passes, and dining reservations. She gave suggestions on the best rides and order to approach MK and AK. We decided at the last minute to add an additional family member and change some of our plans. She spent an entire afternoon on a weekend helping us. She also emailed often to ask about questions we might have. Her response time was amazing!


Gabby S.


Tabitha knew that I was looking for a passholder rate at Art of Animation, and as soon as the rates became available for the dates I was looking for she notified me immediately.  She was able to get the suite booked that we wanted for a great price, even before I was able to see passholder rates online.  Then when we decided on a Friday night that we wanted to go a day early, she spent her time that night modifying our reservation.  And she also spent time that evening making a golf tee time for my husband and father.  She always goes above & beyond with her level of customer service.  Whenever I send her a note with a question, she gets back to me almost immediately.  She provides excellent customer service!

Heather G.


I consider myself a major Disney Junkie and have always booked my own trips because “who knew more than me?” well I was reluctant to use a Travel Agent at first but thought I would give it a try and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Tabitha was always there, just an email or call away, made all my dining reservations as well as BBB and Harmony Barbershop and got them all exactly when I wanted them & created a chart to show me my daily plans.  I loved working with Tabitha and definitely planned on working with her again but then something happened that made her INCREDIBLE to me and she made me a lifetime customer!   When we checked in, our rooms were not ready so we had to wait a while. When we checked in, they told us the reason the rooms were not done was because they were waiting on adjoining rooms (my sister and I travel together and MUST have adjoining rooms) so that was no problem.  Finally at check in time, they directed us to 2 rooms that were not adjoining.  When I called the front desk they do me they were “completely full” and there was nothing we could do except for stay in this room tonight and move tomorrow.  Well this sent my husband into a “major bad mood” he didn’t want to have to try to settle in just to have to repack up in the morning and it was causing me a great deal of grief and not a magical way to start my vacation.  I decided to message Tabitha and within 20 minutes she had us set-up in adjoining rooms and someone was on their way to get our luggage!  I couldn’t believe it – she made the grumpiness go away and all was right in the world – we were able to go settle in our room and stay put!  This made my day and sealed the deal that Tabitha will be my travel agent for LIFE!!

Christina C.


I was very skeptical about using a travel agent because I usually enjoy the planning part of a vacation and like to be in control over all the details.  However a friend of mine passed on Tabitha’s name so I gave it a shot.  I am so thankful I did!!  Tabitha handled all the reservations for me, took care of checking me in online, plus so much more!  I was thrilled when she sent me an email to let me know that she had gotten my room at a lower rate AFTER the original reservations had already been made.  To go to the trouble of re-doing my reservations when I didn’t even know there was a discount to be had was above the call of duty!  It saved us money to splurge on other things.  This would have been reason enough to use a travel agent but she did so much more than that!  Tabitha checked in with me on a regular basis to see if I needed any help with planning things.  I thought I would be able to plan the rest of my trip on my own, but real life always gets in the way and before I knew it all dinner reservations had been snatched up.  I contacted Tabitha thinking I would just be out of luck but she worked some magic and got me the two dinner reservations I wanted.  She also sent me info regarding the new magic bands being used which I would not have known about on my own.  Planning a Disney vacation was way more complex than any other vacation I have ever planned in my life!  Having an insider to provide me with information I would not otherwise know about was invaluable.  Those magic bands made our trip a huge success!!  Right before my trip however, there was a huge hiccup concerning linking my magic bands to my park tickets.  I thought I was going to miss out on planning my fast passes ahead of time.  Tabitha contacted Disney on my behalf several times until the issue was resolved.  That meant so much to me and not just because the issue was resolved.  More importantly, I would have been so aggravated/frustrated/panicked waiting on the phone dealing with this.  Instead I had the luxury of carrying on with my day while Tabitha dealt with the hassle.  She also helped me with deciding on some fast passes.  Her best suggestion was a fast pass for meeting Belle.  I would have never thought to use a fast pass for this instead of a ride.  My daughter loved getting to meet Belle and even got the opportunity to be the horse in the play!  That is a memory I will never forget.  My family had a wonderful time at Disney and the whole trip went so much smoother than I anticipated.  I know this would not have been the case without Tabitha’s assistance and I will never plan another Disney vacation without her!




“When it comes to Disney, I’m the world’s pickiest and I would only recommend the best and so far Tabitha is the best we’ve found and the only one we trust to do our trips.”

Megan M.


Tabitha was great!  She booked our trip for the dates we wanted and made our dinning reservations.  When the dates for free dinning came out and ended a few days before our trip was to begin we decided to back our trip up so we could take advantage of the free dining.  She rebooked our trip and redid all our dinning reservations!  I will definitely use her again and refer her to friends.

Emily R.


Typically I plan all my Disney trips….I’ve been going to Disney at least once or twice a year since I can even remember. I know Disney inside and out! However, being increasingly busy with my job and having two babies in the past two years, I didn’t even have time to research availability of a room…much less make dining reservations. I contacted Tabitha with our travel dates, names, ages, and resort preferences…..she did all the planning and making reservations for me! She created an itinerary listing which parks to avoid, best park to attend, park hours, and dining confirmation numbers for each day of travel. I used to research extra magic hours and special events so I could be sure to maximize my family’s Disney experience. I didn’t have time to do that for this trip so I was relieved when I saw Tabitha had already done it for me. Almost each day of our trip, my husband would comment that she was right about her park choice for the day. Even during a busy time, the crowds and wait times were pleasant. Our dining reservations were convenient and amazing! It didn’t matter what time of day I called Tabitha, she was always available to answer questions or make reservations. Her response time was superb! I’ll probably never book my own trip again!! Tabitha made it so easy and enjoyable…not to mention her sweet and happy personality ringing through the other end of the phone…in true Disney fashion!

Courtney H.


My husband and I decided to take a vacation on the Disney Cruise Line (Disney Dream) with our daughter, son-in-law and three adorable grandchildren.As our travel agent, we chose Tabitha Woodard, who was extremely knowledgeable with events, excursions and restaurants.I have been on several cruises in the past, but the Disney Dream is definitely top of the line.

My three grandchildren were amazed with the hospitality of the crew members and it was priceless to see their faces light up with “just a glance” of a Disney character.We all had the time of our lives and we treasure the wonderful memories we made on the Disney Dream.Castaway Cay is absolutely breathtaking and I could easily be persuaded to be stranded on the Island with extreme happiness with the exception of missing my family.

I was completely and highly satisfied with the services provided by Tabitha Woodard.She has a passion for Disney and never falls short of following thru with a question or concern.Tabitha was always available, ready and willing to help.I would highly recommend Tabitha in the future for booking another vacation.Hopefully I will be going on another cruise in the near future.


Steve & Sue Carroll



I contacted Tabitha about planning my daughter’s first trip to Disney World back in November of 2012. We took our trip in April 2013. Right up front I let her know that I was also getting a quote from AAA travel agency. She encouraged me to do so and was not offended at all.  I had spoken with AAA a day or so prior to contacting Tabitha and as soon I started talking to Tabitha I just knew she was the way to go and I was correct. The quote she gave me for the same package was cheaper than AAA. Tabitha was able to answer just about any question I had. She was very familiar with Disney and the dining plan. She knew exactly what my family needed!  The agent at AAA could not answer any specific question that I had.  The process from beginning to end could not have been any easier!! She gave us lots of personal attention prior, during and after our Trip! She is very passionate about what she does and wanted nothing more than to make sure our trip was magical! We never had ONE problem during our whole trip! Every reservation was made and correct. It was just perfect!!! From the start I had total confidence in her! Any time I contacted Tabitha with a question or concerns I got a response within the hour! We had the time of our lives and would never think to plan another trip like that without Tabitha!!

Kelly W.


We decided to take this last minute trip as a couple to escape winter in Pennsylvania.  We contacted Tabitha at Pixie Vacations after we were given her information from a friend.  Within a day of receiving information back from Tabitha, we had our trip booked.  While on our vacation, we found ourselves in need of dinner recommendation and afraid we were going to be in the position we had been in the night before (no reservations and very hungry).  I called Tabitha and she recommended a few sit down dinner options that wouldn’t require reservations.  We ended up at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and had one of the most unique experiences and delicious dinners we’ve ever had.  Did I mention that we called her on Saturday evening and she didn’t skip a beat?

Cara D.


If you are even thinking about a possible trip to Walt Disney World…you have GOT to use Tabitha Woodard!! I was AMAZED at the deal she found for my family of 4. I never dreamed we could go to WDW on such a tight budget and not a KINK was to be had. Everything was super smooth….from check-in to scheduling to check-out. I didn’t need to contact her during the trip, but she told me I could. That was most comforting…like having your own personal Disney rep! I did not spend a MINUTE searching things myself; she did it ALL for me!!! Even AAA was blown away by her price she got for us!! NO KIDDING!! I am telling you…if you are going or even thinking about it–please contact Tabitha!! She will NOT let you down! AMEN! 🙂

Carolyn F.
Thank you Tabitha and Mousecation for making our 2nd anniversary trip to the World more wonderful than we had hoped! I transferred my reservation to Tabitha pretty late in the planning stages, but she was wonderful with helping to organize all our resort and dining information and recommend restaurants, alternatives, and park tips for us. We have even discovered our new favorite breakfast restaurant, Kona, thanks to her recommendation. The gift card came in pretty handy, too! We just got back, and we are already working on our next trip with Tabitha, my new favorite travel agent.
Jennifer G

I transferred my reservation and nothing has changed. Tabitha has been very helpful and so responsive to any questions I may have.

Kristie M.
I’m a believer! I transferred my reservation and nothing changed except great customer service from Tabitha and a gift card! She’s the best.
Amy B.
THANK YOU for the best vacation that our family has ever had! You took all the stress out of planning our vacation and everything you scheduled for us was PERFECT for the girls (and Mommie and Daddy!)! I can not express how happy we are with the trip, the flight, transportation to and from the airport/hotel, the resort accomodations (are you kidding me?? YOU BOOKED US A ROYAL PRINCESS ROOM!!), the activities, the meals and suggestions that you helped with and provided for us! Even the stroller you reserved for us was top notch and was there waiting for us when we checked in our hotel! You were such a pleasure to work with and no question was too dumb or went unanswered! You even told us we could call while we were there if anything went wrong! I wouldn’t trade the memories we made as a family on our Disney World vacation for anything in this world! You saved us a ton of money and have made us a loyal customer from now on. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!
The Dunn Family
Received my documents from Tabitha Woodard from Mousecation, great, wonderful agent, highly recommended, very organized!! Thank you Tabitha for all of the time and effort you put toward our trip. We are thrilled with our bonus gift card and gift!! Thank you so much!!
Gina C.
“We had a wonderful Disney vacation thanks to Tabitha at Mousecation. We arrived to check in early and our villa was already available for us. Also, we were so surprised that we were able to stay in the same villa that we had last year. Tabitha requested it for us because we knew we liked that one best, so we were super happy to be in that one again. My Dad & husband played golf that Tabitha arranged ahead of time for a better price than we could have gotten. And we enjoyed a nice dinner with the Disney gift card she gave us. I am so glad I booked our vacation through Mousecation, everything worked out beautifully! And I knew that if we had any problems while we were there that I could just call Tabitha and she would take care of it right away. Thankfully we didn’t have any problems though, everything was perfect. Thank you!!”
Heather G.
Tabitha was very helpful to us for our Orlando family vacation . She was professional, easy to talk to and very thorough.  She booked our park tickets for us and made the pickup of the tickets very easy. She sent us an email confirmation and also mailed the forms to my house so that we had all the necessary paperwork to pick up the tickets.  It was one less thing to worry about and made our vacation even more enjoyable!
Thanks Tabitha!
Barbara B.
If you are looking for a Disney expert, Tabitha is the one you want! She was so helpful to me while planning our last Disney trip this past May. She helped us decide on where to eat and confirmed reservations for me when I couldn’t access them on the Disney website. Every time I emailed her she was quick to respond and sent me emails when things were coming available that affected out trip or would be helpful to know. She told me about the passport to the world in Epcot that my 6 year old daughter loved! It made the country part of Epcot very interesting to her and she never complained about all the walking! If you tell her your budget, what you want in a trip and the ages of people who are going , she will steer you to the best time of year to go, where to stay , and fun things to do. It is so nice to have a trustworthy person to look out for how to spend your $$ the wisest.  She is already helping me plan my next trip!
Jennifer S