What I Do

This website is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. I am responsible for all content with the exception of a few photos which I credit to others and the Walt Disney Company. I am a travel agent affiliated with FTM Travel specializing in Disney Destinations.  I am also a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge.

You might be wondering what does a travel agent do?

1. A Vacation Planner can assist you with selecting travel dates. I know the trends. Even if a promotion hasn’t been announced, I have an idea of what can be coming.  I can even change your reservation to the better price for you. You don’t have to wait two hours on hold to change your reservation.  I am always watching for discounts that will help my clients.  If a better deal comes along, I will change your reservation to save you money!

2. You already have a job. Disney can be an all consuming vacation to plan, for a Vacation Planner, this is my job. Let me give you some relief from the planning pressures by using my knowledge and time to help you out.

3.  I am a simple e-mail, phone call or text away. If you have a question while at the park, you can pick up the phone and call. If you have a problem, I know who to call.

4.  A Vacation Planner is a professional that has traveled to the Disney Destinations. I know the ins and outs and I am able to answer your questions. If I don’t know the answer, then I know exactly where to get the answer.

5. If you already have booked your vacation, let me know.  I plan trips for clients just like you every day.  I love my job!